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Beer Lovers Gift Ideas for the Holidays


Whether you’re looking for a gag gift, a stocking stuffer, or a fun gift for a beer lover in your life, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts for beer enthusiast just in time for the holidays. Click on the title of each one, and you will be directed to the company’s website.


Pressurized growler for fresh beer. With vacuum insulated stainless steel, and a VPR Pressurization Cap, your beer stays deliciously cold and perfectly carbonated. It also has a keg style tap handle for easy pouring. A sight glass lets you know just how much beer you have left, while a gauge just below tells you how much pressure your pint is getting.

Remote Control Beer Cooler

With room for six cans or bottles and ice, this remote-controlled cooler can roll across a patio, rug or kitchen floor to deliver a well-timed beverage to party guests. The compact cooler rolls on four sturdy underside wheels up to 60′ from the host at the controls. The radio remote’s simple controls send the cooler forward, backward, and left or right.

Beer Aroma Booster

Any seasoned beer drinker knows to savor the first few sips of a proper pour—once the beer’s head is gone, the brew loses its distinct aroma. Using ultrasonic vibrations and two teaspoons of water, this innovative design revives the beer’s head throughout the drinking experience, so you can enjoy freshly poured taste until you’re ready for your next pint.

Das Horn

With this drinking horn in hand, you are going to storm your next tailgate party like a viking. The horn holds a heroic 24 oz. of beverage. It not only comes with a convenient stand, for when you’re busy taming the flames of an epic, but it also includes a neck strap, allowing you full, two-handed gesturing as you regale your eager listeners at your next campout or Best Man’s toast. The BPA-free horn is also dishwasher safe, for when your last adventure of the day is clean up.


Beeropoly, a hopped-up drinking game, invites players to quaff their way through a series of beer challenges. Players take turns rolling the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the board. They complete the beer challenges along the way and risk elimination. The last man or woman standing must drink the Community Cup. Cheers! 

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