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The U.S. is Ripe for Hofer Beer

Two brewers from Hof (Bavaria) and a neighboring city, Fattigau deliver their first beer to The United States. One of the partners of Zelos Trading lived in Hof for eight years & decided to bring his favorite Bavarian beer to The United States.

This started about 13 years ago when Behrad Ashayeri moved to Hof from Washington D.C where he worked as a Logistics Manager for MultiTrans AG. While living in Germany, he met his wife and learned perfect German In 2008 he moved back to Washington D.C., visiting Hof frequently. Upon going on vacation to Hof in 2013, the idea of importing Bavarian German beer to D.C began surfacing.

After a couple of tasting parties with friends and family, the feedback was better than expected. Behrad was so confident, he flew back to Germany to meet with the Brewery “Stelzer.” They went over the details of American laws for the beers they were planning to import. What Behrad was not ready for was the complicated and lengthy American process and requirements to become a beer importer. These requirements is where MultiTrans AG came into play. Due to the heat treated pallets, white colored cartons and all the numerous permits required by the U.S Government it took almost a year to organize the first container. Owner Christian Stelzer states how U.S. law requires new bottles, so they had to be manufactured in Ukraine and trucked to Fattigau.

All of the leg work is done and the container is leaving in the next few days to Hamburg on its journey to Baltimore. The first shipment from Fattigau to the United States will include the following beers: Bio-Perle, Ritter Trunk, Export, and UrtypHell. Zelos Trading is hopeful that the second container will also include beer from a brewery called “Meinel.” Stelzer is considered a pioneer of Hof since this is the first time in the town’s history that our beer is going over the Atlantic.

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